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The Register was first formed in November 1964 by David. C. Brooke Boulton. He wrote a letter to the Motor Sport magazine asking if any owners of the Marque would like to contact him and start a register. Replies were favourable and the first meeting was held on the 9th December 1964 with 9 cars attending.

Membership fees were set at £1 and a badge was proposed. The club was recognised by the RAC as it had rules and a constitution along with enough members to be recognised as a full owner’s club under RAC rules. The club seemed to struggle towards the end of the decade. Then, in 1974 Dudley Thompson revitalised the club with his enthusiasm and produced club letters with help and advice, cars for sale etc. and how to source unobtainable parts (something we are still doing!).

He then handed over to Dave Anscombe who again held it together through the 80’s and into the hands of Alan House in the 90’s. Alan was the first registrar to put a 40th anniversary tour together to celebrate the entry of 706 EBH in Le Mans1958. He then passed the reigns to Jon Nolan who brought us into the new millennium with our first ever website and a forum. 

Nigel Cluley was backed into a corner and took the “Kings Shilling” in 2006 (and hasn’t managed to get out of it since!). Nigel has taken a group of cars back to Le mans for the 45th, 50th and 60th anniversaries. In 2008 he built our first ever exhibition stand at the Classis Motor Show in Birmingham to mark the beginning of production of the Phase 1 cars, and we won Best Small Club Stand sponsored by Classic & Sports Car Magazine. 

Subsequently, in 2009 we celebrated the start of phase 2 production in 1959 and then finished off with a show stand in 2010 to mark 50 years of the Warwick. He has also been instrumental in finding suppliers for hard to obtain parts and members have also taken on projects to help all.

From the estimated 340 cars built we have around half registered worldwide. Of these we know to 14 cars on the road in the UK and somewhere in the region of 50 cars worldwide with more being restored now than ever in our history.

We have an annual meeting at the TR Register’s international show here in the UK and smaller get togethers up and down the country. Also we hold a New Year Bash in a nice warm hotel just to keep members in touch through the colder months.


At the present time, we do not charge a membership fee so if you are fortunate to already own one of these rare cars, contact us directly with your car’s details and we will add you to our register. We are affiliated with the TR Register who offer a wide range of benefits, support and an exceptional monthly colour magazine with up to date reports from us. See their membership details here

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The best place to get in touch with other Peerless and Warwick owners is the Forum.

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