This site aspires to be the definitive source of information for the Peerless and Warwick marque. Produced in relatively small numbers during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, these classic British production sportscars were a highly successful attempt at producing a credible racing car that could just as easily transport the whole family in comfort and style. This fact was underwritten by a breathtaking performance at Le Mans in 1958 where a lone 1991cc production car at the hands of Peter Jopp and Percy Crabb finished 16th  (with a 1st in class win) in what was essentially a 3 litre race against the might of Aston, Jaguar and Ferrari. For more information about the marque, models, and their racing heritage, take a look at our history page.


From the Archives

This time I have been having a look through the reference books of the period...


The cornerstone of our Register, the Peerless and Warwick Forum has a wealth of information. If you have just bought a new Peerless, or have information to share about the marque, please come and join us we’d love to hear from you.

Racing History

Each of the company directors had their own racing pedigree, and they knew that their customers would also have a keen interest in motorsport. This goes some way to explaining the ambitious campaign to take two cars to Le Mans in 1958, and the many appearances of works-cars at British tracks all over the country. Find out more about the various entries here.


With roughly 14 cars on the road in the UK and approximately 50 in total worldwide, they have become a rare sight. Take a look at some more recent images of cars that have been out and about.


Peerless and Warwick cars utilise many of the Standard Triumph (TR range) components and there’s very few of those that can’t be bought freely today. TR Spares are available from many suppliers, however, the Peerless and Warwick Register tries very hard to fill in the gaps and find sources for the non-TR components, take a look and see what we offer.