Peerless GT Phase 1&2
         Warwick GT&GT350
Le Mans 1958
This is a copy of the article that is going into print (as I write this) in the next addition of The TR Register's Magazine, TRaction. but you lucky people
get to see it first!

Thanks must go to Gary Stretton at Classics Monthly Magazine (other classic car magazine are available...but not as good!) and his dogged
determination to get the screen project back on track. We both went down to see the guys at Pilkingtons on the Isle of Sheppey in September to
show them the bucks that we had. They took lots of measurements, sucked a considerable amount of air through their collective teeth and came to
he conclusion that they could use them, Whu hoo!
Gary returned at the end of October to follow the process of how their production system works (which was surprisingly different to Auto
Windscreens) and with his ever faithful snapper on board he yet again, has produced a fine article released in the December edition. We then
met up in Oxfordshire on a damp Saturday morning (Gary was attending a FBHVC meeting) and I took charge of our first rear screen sample.
I then hot footed it over to Leicestershire to see Rob Comber and trial fit the screen into his nearly finished “I’ll get it to the IWE 2014
Promise”  Phase 2. All seemed good there so I think were on! (Nigel C)

Prices are as follows:
Front screen standard £155.00
Front screen heated £265.00
Rear screen standard £153.00
Rear screen heated £255.00
These costs are all plus VAT and Delivery (which they state
would be a fixed charge at £25 for the UK) and they can also
add a tinted blue or green shadeband to the top of the front
screen for an extra tenner!. I think these are excellent prices
for a totally British made product.
Welcome to the all new SPARES PAGE
As most of you know, the majority of 1950’s and 1960’s small-run production cars were often based on the mechanical components of
the major car makers of the time. Let’s face it, this was the only financially viable option. Thankfully, Peerless and Warwick cars utilise
many of the Standard Triumph (TR range) of components and there’s very few of those that can’t be bought freely today
(if you have deep enough pockets!) TR Spares are available from many suppliers and a simple web search will reveal a healthy list.
Sadly, a major issue is quality, with many ‘rubber parts’ in particular being nigh on useless, use the Forum for advice. The Peerless and Warwick
Register tries very hard to fill in the gaps and find sources for the non-TR components, the list below has taken a huge effort to assemble and we
thank all those that have worked so very hard to keep our cars on the road (especially your Registrar, Nigel Cluley!)
Here’s a summary of other things now available, I will fill in the detail as soon as I can
with respect to price and contact information but for now just e-mail Nigel for details.
gt2 followed by @ followed by peerless-gt.co.uk

So, to recap on our little club here. we have the following to offer:
New chassis'
New bodies
New glass (and heated!)
Wiring looms
Chassis Plates (GT2000......)
Roll cages
Rear acrylic screens for racing
Side acrylic windows with vents
Hand Brake cables
Speedo cables
Up rated ali front hubs
Steering rack conversions
Original steering box refurbishment
Differential rebuilding
Teflon coated half shaft supply
Door handles
In development we have:
Our own personal archive which Jon is currently digitising (bear with me it takes ages!)
Head lamp rims (phase 1)
Up rated De Dion Tubes
Steering wheels
Steering wheel boss'
2" clocks (along with TR members)
Alfin drums
Gary Stretton writes the following on the P&W Forum...
“I've found a company willing to make these (P Grills) for us in marine grade LM6 aluminium. They could even do them in
brass, if you wanted to chrome your grille.”

Initial estimates are that a high quality aluminium casting will work out at around £130 + polishing.
Please contact NEW PRO FOUNDRIES direct.
New Pro Foundries Ltd.
Unit C, Horton
West Drayton
UB7 8EB   Tel: (01895) 443194
Fax: (01895) 442968     E-Mail:
General Enquiries - Michelle Helly-Chipps
Technical Enquiries -
Patrick Helly