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Le Mans 1958

Peerless racing at Le Mans after 48 years!

Yes Celia and Ian went to Le Mans on Tuesday and set up camp. They loaded their faithful camper van with food, strapped their worthy stead on the trailer and headed to the port. Also another two back up vehicles with all manner of spares wedged into ever corner for every eventuality. Your roving registrar got down there on Thursday night after another eventful trip (all will be revealed at a latter date) and when I saw the car in the pits, well what can I say……….. A dream come true!

Practice times were on Friday and all went well, the night seasons were really exciting. Their class consisted of all forms of exotica, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lotus, lancia, and even donor cars (TR’s)

Ian said to me he was hoping to get near seven minute laps but they both managed to get under that wire. Best time in the race was a commendable 6.26 from Ian and 6.40 from Celia. I have some pictures of them racing but my battery went in the early hours and so I am relying on others who have said they will send them to me…watch this space. The atmosphere was stunning; in the Paddock there was an Aston martin opposite “our” car that was reputed to cost £3million…in the middle of the night session it retired after we watched it limp into the pits with a great trail of oil behind it. The Peerless never mist a beat, at one point Ian said it seamed to foul up with oil on the warm up lap but once he could let it fly it was fine, Celia would not come down of the ceiling. Her words were and I quote “This is the best thing I have ever done in my Life, what a drive, I love this little car” and then she rubbed the dash board and said thank you…I bet if the “paid mechanics” in the Aston camp had done that then maybe they would have still been “in the game”.

I went with a mixture of good friends that are interested in all sorts of motor sport, they know my car but little else. Their enthusiasm I’m sure helped and if you have ever gone to support a team in any sport you get involved and enjoy it more. I think from the expressions I have on camera they all enjoyed themselves and all have said they will go again, another accolade!

I will get more info from Celia and Ian to upload with the pictures in the following weeks, ooh yes we will be talking about this one for a very long time, Jonathan and Gary were also “tired shadows” in the pits most of the weekend, thanks for your support and we will finally get that beer at Malvern I hope, it is unfortunate that other club members did not attend but I think my lot of six and C&I’s pit crew made enough noise as it was. Below are a few of the pictures, more will come I’m sure.

Racing News
and History
Castle Combe Circuit April 17th 2006

Celia & Ian's Phase 1

In the UK we have only one intrepid team racing at the moment, there are others busily building and restoring there cars for hill climbs and sprints. We will up date as they come on board.


Celia's e mail: epona THEN @ THEN hotmail.co.uk

Report from Celia and Ian on their Brands Hatch race. May 27th 2006

"Had a goodish race in the rain (again) at Brands on Sat. Don't like the track and it didn't really suit the Peerless, but I got another super start taking two on the grid. Managed to keep them behind me for half the race but they got me in the end. The Peerless was sliding all over the place in the conditions and I spent quite a lot of time with no traction at all!! Really would like to go faster but don't think I could've then, Ian probably could, but he treats the Peerless more like a racing car whereas I treat him like an old friend and probably don't take so many risks . However our race was the only one which wasn't red flagged for cars going off the track in the bad conditions, we only had one non-finisher, not bad really for a bunch of mad people racing old cars, (which the Peerless is one of the oldest!)"



  This is Peerless GT2/00230. Purchased by the current owner (Ron Cressey) in 1987 as a vintage race car. The restoration was completed in 2000. The car is pictured in turn 10, at the Infineon Raceway (formerly Sears Point Raceway) in Northern California, U.S.A. Ron Cressey has been racing vintage cars in California since 1980. The Peerless is a dual-purpose race and touring car. After the restoration was completed in 2000, the Peerless was shown at three Southern California concours events where it received two first place trophies. The Peerless will be entered in the 2004 Monterey Historic Automobile Races.


I spoke to the 1960's owner of the Peerless in the picture (3rd row on the grid) and informed me that the car was raced several times and in fact Won the 1964 Coup de Paris ! Sadly the car was lost in a fire several years later.


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The race will most likely appear on You Tube soon but will also probably be featured on UK T.V. later in the year, watch
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