Peerless GT Phase 1&2
         Warwick GT&GT350
Le Mans 1958
98-99 News
After the splendid pilgrimage to Le Mans (1998) for the 40th anniversary of a Peerless entry, social events throughout 1999 were very well
attended indeed. A modest turnout of 6 cars at the Brooklands race circuit earlier on in the year was followed by strong support at both The
TR International at Malvern (Worcestershire) and the smaller Historic Specials day at Burford (Oxfordshire) (Both of which were attended by
Ken and Christine with the Le Mans car I might add). 1999 also saw several cars change hands and a couple surface from long periods of mystery !
Things are quietening down as expected for the winter months, but a revival in the spring is bound to appear. No major Peerless/Warwick events
have been organised as yet to my knowledge but it goes without saying that the larger TR events are usually a big favourite (in particular the
International at Malvern). If you wish to look a little further ahead, then don't forget the Summer of 2008 ! That's right folks, it will be the 50th
anniversary of Peerless at Le Mans.