Peerless GT Phase 1&2
         Warwick GT&GT350
Le Mans 1958
(The Triumph International Millennium Event 28th & 29th May 2000 at
Mallory Park, Leicestershire)
Rain, rain, lightening and hail. Who could miss the Peerless and Warwick group pitifully huddled under the gazebo, storm candles barely able to cope
with the onslaught. Yet the music was blaring (apologies to other campers) and the drinking was intense.
Rain, rain, and well er, more rain. However, that
evening we did manage to find a lovely warm,
dry pub a few miles away and we ate a splendid
Meal in their restaurant where not a chip nor
onion ring was left on the plate. The company
was good the conversation was excellent and
after a few more pints the confessions were
The sun finally decided to come out to play, and with it came several more of our wonderful cars, which really made for a very solid turnout indeed.
The day went from strength to strength with various classic cars racing around the track and the all Triumph parade laps certainly made it all worthwhile.
Three Peerlesses took part in the parade, Mike Davies (with passengers Ed Davies and 'video recordist extraordinair ' Frank Jones), Ken and
Christine Wilson (with myself as a last minute cameraman (thanks chaps)) and finally Nigel Cluley (with passengers Denise Wright and two extremely
tall lads (Nige's drinking buddies I presume) in the back just because you can do that kind of thing in a Peerless ! In total we achieved 8 cars and at
least 11 members. For those that attended the event and stayed despite the appalling weather conditions, many, many thanks indeed to you all.
The highlight of the weekend as far as the Peerless contingent were concerned was having the extremely rare opportunity of meeting Fred Nicklin.
Mr Nicklin is of great importance to the marque as he was the mechanic for the Le Mans car in the 1958 race. I was especially fortunate in that he
allowed me to conduct a formal interview with him, which I managed to capture to great effect on tape. I don't think I've ever met a more interesting,
pleasant, well informed and genuinely down to earth man who didn't object to sitting in my damp, partially upholstered Warwick throughout a pitifully
amateur interview.
At some point (perhaps during the winter months) I will write up this truly
fascinating interview and publish it in TRaction. If you ever meet anyone
who was involved in the our Marque i.e. production line, salesman,
mechanics or just people who are knowledgeable on the subject please
corner them, tie them up and don't let them go until you have extracted
as much information as possible out of them. Alternatively, just get their
phone number and give it to me and I will perform the interrogation
myself !