Peerless GT Phase 1&2
         Warwick GT&GT350
Le Mans 1958
TR Register International 2000
(28th-30th July at the Three Counties Showground Malvern Worcestershire)
Another truly splendid TR International weekend this year and unlike the T.I.M.E. event, the weather was in the most part good and in fact Sunday
was a real scorcher. Yet again there was a truly international feel to the event with many European visitors appearing from all corners of the continent
which just goes to show that the event is very highly regarded indeed. As usual the vast majority of Triumph marques were represented in very large
numbers as well as a generous helping of extreme rarities such as TR4 Doves, Italias and Swallow Doretties to mention but a few. This event really
does have it all, concours (as well as numerous other trophies/competitions), trade stands, organised walks in the Malvern hills, excellent childrens
entertainment/crèche, a coach trip for the ladies, the list is endless. From the Peerless & Warwick point of view, the event was also most defiantly a
resounding success. A modest turn out of six cars (4 Peerlesses 2 Warwicks) and many more members without their cars meant that this was yet
another truly splendid social event (as always). As in previous years an invitation to join the Cumbria and Red Rose TR groups for a BBQ and games
was eagerly accepted as this always proves to be a highlight. Many thanks to both groups and especially John Morrison for the fantastic games
which included raw eggs, water bombs, tug'o'war and oh yes, the TR6 to which the rope was tied at the Red Rose end ! This year more than most,
both the P&W Register as well as our cars took on an extremely high profile with plenty of exposure in the display ring as well as two very special
events indeed. The first event was a surprise presentation to my predecessor, Alan House. On behalf of the P&W Register members I presented
Alan with a small token of our thanks for his outstanding efforts.
The hipflask  presented to Alan House
Alan (as many of you know) ran the P&W register for an entire decade (1990-2000) and worked
extremely hard to keep the marque and the owners enthusiasm alive and kicking. Possibly the
highlight (certainly of recent years) has to be the organisation and planning that went into the
extremely successful and highly enjoyable pilgrimage to Le Mans for the 40th anniversary of the
Peerless entry. The trips resounding success is a testament to Alan's sheer dedication which from
my point of view will be impossibly difficult to equal let alone surpass.
Presenting the hipflask
The second event I referred to also involved Alan and indeed proved to be a marvelous finale to an already memorable weekend. Alan was awarded
a trophy by the TR Register for the most Historic Vehicle in the show, a prize which is only ever awarded to cars of extreme historical interest.
Alan was a great  Registrar, but sometimes....