Peerless GT Phase 1&2
         Warwick GT&GT350
Le Mans 1958
The Historic Specials Day
13th August 2000. The Cotswold Wildlife Park
Organised by the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club, this years Historic Specials Day was yet again well worth a visit. Although in small attendance,
the P & W Register were there with three fine examples on display which once again attracted a curious and highly complimentary swathe of
public interest
There was a surprise visit from Graham Heather and his wife in their very well presented racing
green Warwick. This yet again made it a day where Warwicks outnumbered Peerlesses, a
phenomenon I didn't think I'd see again this year. I had not met Graham and his wife before
but I had spoken to them on the telephone, so it was lovely to finally meet them and see the car.
Their car has at some point been quite skilfully re-sculpted in a most exquisite way.
The front wings, which normally have a very flat line from
front to back, have been curved downward slightly
towards the front of the car. This has had a most
remarkable yet incredibly subtle effect. It is perhaps a little
reminiscent of the Aston Martin DB5 without the lamp
covers. Cream spoke wheels and a lovely leather interior
make this a very desirable car indeed and I hope we see
much more of it next year. Nigel and I had the good fortune
to be interviewed and had the cars photographed by a
very nice lady from 'Classics' magazine. She was preparing
several articles but could not confirm which one her editor
would choose or indeed which issue it would appear in,
so keep a close eye out in your newsagents,
you never know.
A highlight for me was meeting Dudley Thomson again whom some of you may remember was a previous P & W Registrar in the 1970's.
He sends his regards to those who remember him and has even volunteered (not sure that's the correct word to use) to write an article for Traction
about his time as registrar and indeed his life post P & W. I had also arranged to meet up with Robert Styles who was a previous owner of the
John Bolster Test Warwick. They both came armed with bundles of old documents and photos for me to put on the website, so look out for them
over the cold winter months.
As usual at Burford, there were some exceptionally unusual cars to feast the eyes upon and I will definitely be there next August along with many
more of you I hope. The Wildlife Park is a full days entertainment in itself, with interesting animals roaming about and a café that produces the best
homemade Steak pie I've ever tasted !