Peerless GT Phase 1&2
         Warwick GT&GT350
Le Mans 1958
Ian Conway racing at  Silverstone in the 2002 Pomeroy Trophy (23rd February)
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This was Ian's first time out in the Bolster car (formely75 RBH) and while getting used to this new experience, he still managed to put in some flying
laps as you can see in the pictures above. Several of the hard core members were there to cheer on our man in the blue missile including two of our
junior members, Jake and Jason, so thanks for the support lads. The 'Pom' is an event open to most any vehicle and is a series of short tests
(timed sprints etc) followed by a more traditional race. The cars are numerically handicapped and the results go into a very complex formula that
involves many variables such as the age of the vehicle and the distance from the clutch pedal to the back axle to name but two! It all goes to make a
very interesting day out for both spectator and driver alike. The British weather threw everything possible at us from brilliant sunshine to horizontal
bitter snow and hail. I can safely say I have not been as cold in 40 years and I'm only 33 ! It was so cold in fact that we were faced with no option
but to nonchalantly follow several Bentley Boy types in to a very swish corporate hospitality sweet and watch the race from the comfort of a finely
carpeted room with soft furnishings and very expensive wallpaper, it was heaven (just going to prove that bare faced cheek never did anyone
any harm !). Talking to Ian after the race, I noticed that he wasn't drip white with fear at all, and in fact maintained that he enjoyed every minute of
the race. I find the M4 scary enough at times never mind Silverstone, mind you, people are generally going considerably faster on the M4.
In the main the car ran very well, unfortunately it did overheat towards the end of the race, though this was later possibly identified as a wire
becoming disconnected from the electric fan (oops, sorry Ian it was me that fitted it, you just can't get the staff these days !).
So we look forward to more outings and the continued elevation of the profile of our cars, which in my opinion can only do us good.